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The Helsingborg region is home to many driven forward-thinking sectors and businesses. A local government that prioritises innovation as critical to the future. A deep academic network with research capabilities and resources. And a diverse, supportive community that welcomes innovative thinking, bold action and new opportunities.

That rich network, combined with the city’s location and transportation infrastructure, positions Helsingborg as a regional powerhouse for business, social, and academic development. In particular, it has led to representative expertise clusters highlighting Helsingborg Innovation District´s unique contribution to the worldwide innovation district map. 

The innovation district attracts interest and investment, supporting cross-sectoral research and innovation development for sustainable growth. Any organisation, including in sectors not represented below, is welcome to benefit from being part of the cross-collaborative community actors have established here together.

Logistics & e-commerce

Logistically, Helsingborg is ideally located in Northern Europe and linked by major highways, high-speed rail service, international airports, and one of Sweden’s largest container ports. Established logistic companies represent and manage multiple international logistical operations. An already existing e-commerce park and community support businesses in scaling up and development. The entire logistic infrastructure is committed to being sustainable, with many companies committing to the Helsingborg Declaration.

1/3 of all e-commerce in Sweden have a connection to Helsingborg. In 2024, was ranked the best logistics location in Sweden.


Greentech & Cleantech

As a Mission City in the EU’s push to climate neutrality by 2030, Helsingborg is well ahead in integrating Greentech and Cleantech organisations and innovation. These include taking advantage of the proximity to and dependence on clean water to accelerate residential wastewater circularity, household biomass processing, and other sustainability-focused solutions. The region boasts a well-integrated network of leading players in sustainability.

Global research of excellence within sustainability. 

The region’s established IT community and infrastructure provide a solid base for continued sustainable growth. The innovation district makes it accessible for large and small companies to locate and grow in the region, igniting cross-collaborative opportunities and simplifying the path to tech deployment. This provides the Helsingborg Tech scene with a solid base for advancing and testing innovation in a modern and progressive urban setting.

Life Science

Hosting an exciting mix of research, incubators, pharma, MedTech, and FoodTech actors and supporters, Helsingborg Innovation District helps connect the dots of the wider region’s renowned Life Science sector. 

Helsingborg has solid manufacturing base, and in recent years, has earned a reputation for leading research and innovation in sustainability, automation and IoT.

Cultural and Creative Industries

Historically a regional magnet for culture-makers and appreciators in Northern Europe, today’s Helsingborg bustles with talent ranging from traditional arts and crafts to modern reflections of the world we live in, often with the help of technology.

The region’s well-developed hospitality infrastructure is part of its attraction, both to visitors and talents. A vast network of trails, beaches, parks, and recreational resources contributes to the region’s high influx of hospitality industry professionals. 

Social innovation

Helsingborg has grown organically into a testbed for social programmes, tools and technologies that ensure safety and high quality of life for citizens of every demographic.

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