Where businesses, academia and the public sector collaborate to find innovative solutions for sustainable growth

Helsingborg Innovation District

Bridging academia, private and public sectors towards impact innovation in Helsingborg and beyond.

Located in one of the most innovative regions in the Nordics, Helsingborg Innovation District brings together the ambition and capabilities of motivated actors in government, business and academia. Our collective goal is to be a driving force for the development and advancement of global Impact innovation. 

Helsingborg Innovation District Grand Opening:

A day of Innovation and Celebration

29 MAY 2024
Grand opening stars
Center for innovation
Lund University

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Engage with us in Helsingborg Innovation District as a partner, hub, or become part of our network. Every member of our district and vast network is essential, shaping our identity and strengths. Together, we cultivate an environment where new ideas flourish.

Hubs: 5
Actors +300
Community +5500

September 17, 2024


Helsingborg Arena

October 10, 2024


Clarion Hotel Sea U

Impact stories

REAL - chuttersnap-unsplash kopiera
The retail industry drives the global economic machine. With global sales of around US $26.4 trillion...
Contentor - kontakta contentor
E-commerce is about speed and scale. Including how quickly retailers can get products listed in their...
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Of all the ways we can collectively have a positive impact on sustainability, reducing food waste ranks...
Getting young talent to the table
Ideas may be everywhere. But they need to be nurtured with proper support and structure. Especially for...
E-commerce Park of Sweden Launches Forward-Looking Incubator Programme to Transform E-commerce

Helsingborg, is a vibrant hub for e-commerce with Sweden’s best logistic node, is now the launchpad for an ambitious new project initiated by E-commerce Park...

New innovation district to increase the region’s innovative capacity

On May 29th, the Helsingborg Innovation District, a collaboration platform and catalyst for innovation, research, and development, will be inaugurated. The innovation district is initiated...

Press release

Meet Zeynep – The Helsingborg Innovation District Visionary

Helsingborg Innovation District is becoming a global hub for impact innovation. This ambitious project in Oceanhamnen, Helsingborg, brings together the public sector, business, and academia...

We want to link the private, Public and Academic sectors

The city, region, university and business community are now joining forces to create the environment for future innovations. Helsingborg’s new innovation district stretches from Helsingborg...


A vibrant city in a unique location

Helsingborg is where Sweden meets the rest of the world. Located close by to everything that is logistically important and socially fun.


Helsingborg Innovation District is founded on the idea that advancements in development, research and innovation are exponential when academia, private and public sectors join forces in working towards a common vision resulting in sustainable growth for the future.

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