Innovations ecosystem

An ecosystem for transformation

Helsingborg Innovation District is a network of initiators, co-creators, and collaborators working cross-sectorally to advance transformational global impact innovation. Every actor brings their unique talent, vision and ambition, pursuing their goals while contributing to a cross-collaborative platform for developing and sharing impact innovation globally.

Helsingborg is recognised as one of the most innovative cities in Europe through many initiatives. Selected as an EU Mission City, Helsingborg has committed to reaching climate neutrality by 2030 and leading other cities to follow by 2050. The Helsingborg Declaration is an initiative with actors from the entire logistics chain, aiming for the Helsingborg region to become Europe’s most sustainable logistics hub. And the Climate Agreement is a collaboration between actors who want to work for a more sustainable future. 

Helsingborg has already established itself as a leader in sustainable growth through innovations, thanks to our close collaboration with industry and academic interests. With the innovation district, we take this collaboration to a new level, centralising a regional powerhouse of idea generation, physical infrastructure, testbeds, education, research, and much more. 

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