Connecting the
innovation community

Helsingborg Innovation District is an extensive network of cross-collaborative actors established in Oceanhamnen, Helsingborg. Our ambition is for that strength to extend through partnerships with communities in Helsingborg and beyond who share the same dedication to advancing global impact innovation.

The innovation district is not just another business hub. It’s a unique and continuously growing ecosystem infrastructure, a catalyst for cross-collaborative impact innovation. This district bridges actors and resources in a dedicated neighbourhood, integrating like-minded people with a shared vision and purpose to work together in developing, testing and implementing impactful social and business solutions.

Openness, curiosity, and interconnectedness
create a global hub for impact innovation

Helsingborg offers a dynamic community with a wide range of identities across industries and sectors. The innovation district is located in the heart of Helsingborg. It is well-connected by land, sea, and air to the surrounding regions. The city has a long history of being a commerce city and has imprinted the spirit of its residents. This entrepreneurial spirit and mindset have created a region where ideas are being tested and transformed into businesses and where every opportunity is seized. Openness, curiosity, and a fast-paced rhythm and interconnectedness create a global hub for impact innovation.

Are you ready to shape the future? 
Engage and accelerate innovation with us in Helsingborg Innovation District!

Are you ready to shape the future? 

Engage and accelerate innovation with us in Helsingborg Innovation District!

Make it happen in Oceanhamnen

Oceanhamnen is a new residential neighbourhood and business district that is taking shape. A place that offers an inspiring mix of living, working and thriving spaces that include the upcoming bathhouse and islands. Oceanhamnen is the biggest and most ambitious urban development project in Helsingborg’s history, shaping a brand-new oceanside district that lives up to sustainability standards. An entirely new district of urban archipelago where science, knowledge, technology, sustainability and innovation meet. A multi-phase, mixed redevelopment with offices, housing, research, university, test labs and public spaces. 

300 actors
5500 talents
4000 students
400 international students

Innovating sustainability in Helsingborg​

There is good reason for choosing Helsingborg as an accelerator for transformational global impact innovation. Selected as an EU “Mission City”, Helsingborg has committed to reaching climate neutrality by 2030 and inspire other cities to follow suit by 2050. Helsingborg is also recognised as one of the most innovative cities in Europe, with a commitment to social sustainability that mirrors our environmental ambitions.

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