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New innovation district to increase the region’s innovative capacity

On May 29th, the Helsingborg Innovation District, a collaboration platform and catalyst for innovation, research, and development, will be inaugurated. The innovation district is initiated by the City of Helsingborg, Lund University, Region Skåne, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden in collaboration with the business community. 

The district stretches from Helsingborg Central Station through the Oceanhamnen district to Lund University and out to the unique development facility and testbed RecoLab. The district aims to foster cross-sector collaboration between business, academia, and the public sector.

Innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand

“For a long time, we have purposefully invested in the city’s innovation efforts, and now we are taking the next step in collaboration with academia and business to enhance the region’s innovative capacity. Cities face complex challenges that we need to solve together. Cooperation and entrepreneurship permeate everything we do, and with the collaboration platform that Helsingborg Innovation District constitutes, we advance our positions even further,” says Christian Orsing (M), Chair of the Executive Committee in Helsingborg.

Helsingborg Innovation District currently consists of five hubs: HETCH, Mindpark, Campus Helsingborg Lund University, RecoLab, and the Center for Innovation – Parken. All are important meeting places, united by their strong communities and commitment to growth, research, development, innovation, and sustainability.

“Collaborating with other actors and actively shaping the future together is the way forward. I believe this investment will improve welfare and create real change. Helsingborg is investing in developing the city’s testbed offerings, and now we are creating a meeting place for creativity and collaboration across different sectors. The goal is to establish Helsingborg on the international innovation map and promote sustainable development,” says Jan Björklund (S), Deputy Chair of the Executive Committee in Helsingborg.

The innovation district contributes to increased competitiveness

“It is inspiring to see the activity and creativity in the development of the Helsingborg Innovation District, and we are really looking forward to how the investment will enhance the competitiveness of businesses in Skåne through even better collaborations, both between companies and with universities,” says Anna Jähnke (M), Chair of Region Skåne’s Regional Development Board.

Collaboration creates smart solutions and new business ideas

“Creating an innovation district and developing a structure for how we can address these issues is an exciting journey. We believe it’s beneficial to be in an environment where innovation-related topics are discussed, and there’s an abundance of energy. There is a wide range of activities in the area where actors can meet, assist, and inspire each other,” says Charlotta Johnsson, Dean of Campus Helsingborg, Lund University.

One of the long-term goals is to make Helsingborg Innovation District a leading player on the international innovation map. The investment aims to increase the attractiveness of Helsingborg and the region, thereby attracting new businesses, investments, and talent.

“Helsingborg Innovation District promotes strong collaborations for smart solutions and business ideas, which are essential for economic growth, technological development, and sustainability. Through collaboration between academia, business, and the public sector, we create dynamic solutions and strengthen our international competitiveness. It is also important that established companies invest in these collaborations and projects to contribute to an innovative environment and drive progress in today’s rapidly changing world,” says Kerstin Lindell, Chair of the Board South Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

About the Grand Opening

Helsingborg Innovation District will celebrate its Grand Opening on May 29th when the entire area is activated. Together with the district’s hubs, a broad programme will be offered for business, academia, research, and public actors. In conjunction with the Grand Opening, the district’s website will be launched, which will include a joint calendar of events and showcase prominent investments and projects. Read more at Helsingborg Innovation District.

About Helsingborg Innovation District

Helsingborg Innovation District gathers more than 300 actors, 4,000 students and over 5,500 employees in a collaborative community where entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness are in focus. The district is led and coordinated by Zeynep Erdal, Head of Helsingborg Innovation District.

For questions, please contact

Zeynep Erdal
Head of Helsingborg Innovation District, +46 707-49 88 71

Christian Orsing (M)
Chair of the executive committee in Helsingborg, +46 703-01 07 26

Jan Björklund (S)
Deputy chair of the executive committee in Helsingborg, +46 733-13 06 43

Katarina Björnsdotter
Chair of the board of the South Swedish Chamber of Commerce, +46 703-88 33 41

Charlotta Johnsson
Dean of Campus Helsingborg, Lund University, tel. +46 46 222 87 89

Daniel Kronmann
Head of Innovation, Regional Development, Region Skåne

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