In Parken, the City of Helsingborg will create the city of the future

Helsingborg has unveiled a unique hub for innovation. The newly inaugurated Center for Innovation – Parken is not just a physical space but a dynamic meeting point for the city, businesses, and academia. It is a space designed to tackle future challenges, foster innovation, and drive development for the entire city.  

Like other cities, Helsingborg faces several challenges. These include complex climate issues, an ever-increasing need for care, security issues, and challenges related to skills supply. Continuing to work as we have always done is not sustainable. The City of Helsingborg has been working at length to find new ways to meet future needs and welfare challenges. It is about building a smart, sustainable and considerate city.  

“We see that the city needs to be transformed in three areas. It is about green, technological and social transformation, where new forms of collaboration and innovations can be the key,” says Lisa Olsson, Director of Innovation and Transformation at the City of Helsingborg. 

Parken, located in Oceanhamnen and the soon-to-be-opened Helsingborg Innovation District, will be a place where new collaborations and innovative solutions take shape. Nearby are resources with expertise in innovation management, research, growth, and European and national funding systems.  

Parken Invites the Development of Value-Creating Solutions

Innovation districts are a relatively new phenomenon that is being established around Europe. They are usually geographically defined areas where different businesses collaborate on value-creating solutions. With around 300 actors in the area, who employ around 5,500 people, the potential is promising. 

Helsingborg has been a hotbed of innovation for several years, with a variety of tests underway. These include solutions for micromobility, climate impact analysis using IoT in classrooms, and a VR solution for conflict management in the care sector. These tests reflect the city’s diverse innovation landscape and its commitment to finding practical solutions to real-world challenges. 

In connection with Parken’s inauguration, Helsingborg has signed a letter of intent with Lund University and the Spanish company e-Miles for a series of tests in which a 3D-printed vehicle will be part of a transportation system for both people and goods. During the spring, various tests will focus on Helsingborg’s ambition to become Europe’s most sustainable and fast-moving logistics hub.  

Emission-Free Construction Machinery And AI-Driven School 

Since its opening, Parken has hosted several events, including a market dialogue with the construction industry on how to switch to zero-emission machinery. Training around AI-driven schools, climate dialogues and a research conference have also used Parken as a meeting location. 

Parken | Helsingborg innovation district

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