Helsingborg – Sweden’s best Logistic location

The Helsingborg region, along with Gothenburg, has been named Sweden’s best logistics location according to this year’s ranking by the magazine “Intelligent Logistik”. This success is celebrated as the result of long-term collaboration between academia, business, and the public sector. 

“Helsingborg, together with the neighbouring municipalities’ top position in the ranking, is proof of a long-term collaboration between the public sector, business, and academia. Our strong infrastructure combined with the city’s entrepreneurship contributes to job opportunities, development, and growth,” says Christian Orsing (M), chair of the executive committee in Helsingborg municipality. 

The Helsingborg region’s ranking as Sweden’s top logistics location highlights the importance of the city’s investments in increased capacity and sustainable logistics. This recognition is a tribute to the tens of thousands of people who work in the logistics industry in the Helsingborg region, making it one of Europe’s leading logistics hubs. 

Swedens best Logistics location | Helsingborg innovation district

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