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Getting young talent to the table

Ideas may be everywhere. But they need to be nurtured with proper support and structure. Especially for young innovators and entrepreneurs: without an outlet for their skills and creativity, the ideas born of their sustainability focus, ambition, and native comfort with tech might never get the chance to see the light of day. 

HETCH is a tech-community for startups, scale-ups and innovation tech-teams based in the Helsingborg Innovation District (HID). The non-profit organisation offers support, training and workspace for tech-focused creators, bringing together talents at all stages of their development into a single hub with unlimited potential for cross-collaboration and growth.  

Recognising the untapped potential of local and regional youth, and with Helsinborg City’s commitment to climate neutrality by 2030 as a backdrop, HETCH developed and launched its TECHSHIP programme in 2021. Giving young tech-focused entrepreneurs a way to develop the skills needed to move their ideas forward. Connecting them to the local, regional and international innovation scene. And providing a comprehensive support network for bringing their sustainability solution to life. 

Crash course innovation  

By 2022 and with the support of Region Skåne Ungt Entreprenörskap, TECHSHIP had grown in scope to accept 45 budding entrepreneurs. The initial three day TECHSHIP SCHOOL phase focused on motivating and inspiring participants, sharing what it means to lead from the heart and more.    

To move forward into the TECHSHIP PROGRAMME, the 45 each held a 10 minute audition about their idea, motivation and learnings to date. 25 finalists moved forward to the next phase, where they worked in teams over the following eight weeks, honing their entrepreneurship skills through a fictional start-up concept based on identifying problems and finding solutions to a challenge using technology.  

In the end, participants pitched their solution on stage to approximately 150 people, including investors, community builders, stakeholders in politics and business, as well as their supportive relatives.  

Entrepreneurship: The next generation  

TECHSHIP lowers the barrier to entry into the business world for all young people interested in tech and entrepreneurship. The programme creates conditions for developing innovative ideas that contribute to sustainable development, and invites and engages young people to be part of something bigger  

Previous TECHSHIP programmes have led to opportunities for new jobs, internships, inspired further education, and given participants the chance to start their own ventures. It’s also guaranteed their ongoing membership as part of HETCH, and access to further support and training in all aspects of innovative entrepreneurship.  

Future programmes will continue to unite young entrepreneurs from the local and regional communities with cross-collaborative public, academic and business opportunities. And open the door for more young people from Helsingborg to deliver transformational global impact innovation—starting in their own back yard. 



Getting young talent to the table




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